Tree shears / grabs / wood splitters

The Trevi Benne tree shear equipment has been designed for felling and deforestation of logs, trees and maintenance of bushes such as the thinning of shrubs of different sizes. It’s designed for operating at critical points with difficult access along roadsides, steep slopes, orchards, and ensures high productivity with the reuse of the cut material for subsequent processing steps (stacking, chipping, grinding, etc.).

Trevi Benne Tree Shear Range

The Trevi Benne WT Tree Shear range of equipment are hydraulic attachments for excavators for the ourpose of  harvesting  wood.

The Shear has been designed to effectivley GRAB – CUT – STACK  trees , brush and shrubs.

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Trevi Benne Wood Splitter

The Trevi Benne WS Wood Splitter clamp is designed for reducing the size of logs to enable easy loading onto trucks or reduce girth to facilitate chipping of logs

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Trevi Benne Root Stump Cutter

The Trevi  Benne WE Root Stump Cutter is designed and built to extract the stump of a tree anchored in the ground by its roots. Reduces the size of the root stump after it has been removed to make the resulting material suitable for the next processing stage (chipping, shredding, biomass, etc.) and facilitates the drying of the remains by natural process.

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