HORIZONTAL GRINDERS Part of Ecolog Production Process – Alien Vegetation to Wood Chips to Ecologs

At the beginning of 2013 a Namibian company – Omuriru Biomass Investments – purchased a Horizontal Grinder. The company harvests the alien vegetation which is impacting the eco system negatively. Species such as Dichrostachys Cineria, C. Mopane and various Acacia species are encroaching the natural savannah, causing increased water shortage and loss of farming productivity.

The harvesting and clearing of alien vegetation is mostly done mechanically using an Excavator mounted tree shear attached to the boom of an excavator. The harvested material is left in the sun to dry, after which it is fed into the Horizontal Grinder, chipped and discharged via conveyor belt into trucks.

The wood chips are transported to the factory in Okahandja , put through a hammer mill to produce a finer product which is then compressed into the high quality ECOLOGS.

Namibia Ecologs are 100% renewable and CO2 neutral energy suitable for heating, cooking, barbecue and fires.

Namibia Ecologs picture

Harvesting with Woodcracker C550


Horizontal Grinder chipping bush and loading into truck


Omuriru Beast





Further processing at Factory in Okahandja