Over the past 20 years the TREECYCLE  name has become a recognized and respected supplier in the Southern African wood recycling and land clearing industry.

The machines they supply are known for their reliability, strength, durability and low maintenance.

TREECYCLE has the machines as well as the knowledge to provide you with the correct grinder or chipper for turning alien vegetation into bio-mass, trees into mulch, green waste into chip.

Shaughn Frost , owner of TREECYCLE, imported their first wood chipping machine in 1996 for their client – FASTFELL cc.

He has also been in the land clearing industry for 15 years and was responsible for the largest land clearing job undertaken in South Africa where all trees and bushes had to be processed through horizontal grinders and chippers – The 700 hectare footprint of the Berg River Dam Project in Franschoek –  2004 to 2007.

Many thousands of felled trees, tons of wood waste and sugar cane trash have been turned into useful wood chips, boiler fuel, wood pellets, compost and mulch since TREECYCLE imported and distributed Horizontal Grinders and wood chipping machines in Southern Africa.